Batista Says Dave “Fit” Fanlay Didn’t Deserve to Be Fired; Says “He Isn’t Replaceable”

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Dave Batista just got a Twitter so that explains why it’s taken him so long to comment on Dave “Fit” Finlay being fired months ago for something controversial that took place at a house show.  Nonetheless, Batista is pretty upset and passionate about Finlay losing his job.  Batista tweeted:

“so im going to say this because i said i would elaborate later….and im sure i’ll get some grief over it but i dont realy care. and this is completely the opinion of an outsider looking in. i only know what ive been told about Fit Finlay’s release and i dont know exactly what happened…but no one in this world could convince me that Fit, the honorable man that he is, did anything that would warrant him losing his livelihood. i wouldn’t have made it to the top without fit,and i wouldn’t have made it through alot of the longass unbearable tours either.  i seriously think that there’s a huge void in the WWE without him. he isn’t replaceable.”