Adam Cole writes blog about upcoming ROH World Title match

A lot of people ask me, “Why did you decide to become a professional wrestler?” And it’s a great question. Why? Why did I decide to pursue this sport as my career? And that’s a misconception as well. When you decide to become a pro wrestler, it’s not your career, its your life. It takes up every second of your time. You are always training, always traveling, always making every sacrifice necessary to move forward and advance. So a lot of people ask, “Why are you committing your entire life to pro wrestling?”

The answer isn’t as easy as I thought. Is it the adrenaline rush? Yea maybe, because there is no better feeling than going out and giving your all for the Ring of Honor fans, who for over ten years have given their all to us.  Is it all the travel that we get to experience? It’s neat to see many places around the world, but I wouldn’t say that travel is why I wrestle. Is it the hope for fame and fortune? Absolutely not, if your willing to put your body through the grind of this sport for the hopes that you end up on a billboard, you’ll get eaten alive. So I sat down and really thought about it. Why? Why do I commit every second of every day, to live this dream day in and day out? The answer, is for moments like April 29.

If you wrestle for Ring of Honor, you have that little extra spark in you that doesn’t accept anything but first place. You don’t like losing at anything you do, and you want to be able to look yourself in the mirror and say that “I am the best.” That’s why we all do this, to show the world that we have what it takes to stand atop the mountain of our chosen profession. Day in and day out, we make the sacrifices necessary to one day hold that title that I speak of. And on April 29 in Dayton, I have that shot at my fingertips.

On March 4 in NYC, at the Ring of Honor Ten Year Anniversary event, I pinned the World Champion, Davey Richards. Ring of Honor officials made the decision to put me in a Proving Ground Match with Davey, because they felt I had earned the right to potentially gain a World Title Match down the line. To Davey’s credit, he felt that I had already proved that. That shows you the kind of champion that he is, and the kind of man that he is. He knew that I beat him that night, whether a tag match or not, and he felt that I deserved my shot. I can’t argue with the Ring of Honor officials for their initial call, as I feel they had every right in their thought process. But just like Davey believes, I believe that I have earned this shot. And on April 29, I will show them why.

When I first came into Ring of Honor, I just wanted to show that I belonged. I wanted to prove to myself that I have what it takes, as well as the fans and Ring of Honor officials. Now I find myself headlining a Ring of Honor event, and challenging for the World Championship. To say this is the biggest match of my career is an understatement. This is my shot, to prove any doubters wrong that March 4 in NYC was not a fluke. Adam Cole is not a fluke. I have what it takes, I will not let this opportunity pass me by, and I will stand atop the Ring of Honor mountain.

I said earlier that I became a pro wrestler with the intention of being the best. April 29 in Dayton, I become the best…I become the Ring of Honor World Champion.

– Adam Cole

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