Adam Cole blogs about Best in the World 2012: Hostage Crisis

June 24th in New York City will be a special day for Ring of Honor. Not only is it the biggest event of the summer for our company, but it determines much of our company’s future. The obvious focus is on Davey Richards hopefully recapturing the ROH World Championship from Kevin Steen. However, the issue between myself and Kyle O’Reilly has gone to places I never thought it would go…
I’ve stated before that Kyle and I didn’t form Future Shock because we were friends, it was because we knew that we had the ability to rise to the top together as a unit. Well just because we didn’t form the team for friendship, doesn’t mean that we weren’t friends. I trusted Kyle, I believed in Kyle, and I knew that together we could be Ring of Honor World Tag Team Champions together. Obviously that wasn’t meant to be. Kyle let emotions get in the way of things, just like he’s done with the match that we have this Sunday in NYC.
“Hybrid Fighting Rules” is what we both have to expect this Sunday, and to say that this is right up Kyle’s alley would be true. Kyle even though your attitude has really changed as of late, your fighting skills certainly haven’t. I 100 percent realize how skilled you are on the ground and in your striking game. Your looking at this match as a chance to embarrass me and expose me for being “one dimensional” as you like to put it. Let me remind you of something “friend.” This is PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING. You can add a funny stipulation to the fight that we’re going to have this Sunday, but if you think for one second that changes what I’m going to do to you, you’re dead wrong.
I remember it like it was yesterday. Standing in the ring in NYC at the end of the 10 Year Anniversary show, after pinning Davey, and you looking me in the face and telling me that you didn’t respect me. How ironic is it that months later, in the very same building, I get to beat that very respect into you. PLEASE come at me with all your strikes! PLEASE come at me with all your submissions! I look forward to getting the very best Kyle O’Reilly this Sunday in NYC, and in your type of match too. Because this proud professional wrestler wants no excuses when I beat you at your own game. And don’t get it twisted Kyle, it may be your game, but Sunday in New York, its my ring.
Adam Cole
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