WWE “Total Divas” Recap – Episode 6 (9/1/2013)

Credit – WrestlingInc

Tonight’s show opens with Jo Jo watching Justin Gabriel stretch. Her and Eva ask Chris Jericho if Justin is single and he makes fun of her a bit. Then, clips from a match of Daniel Bryan, Kane and Randy Orton facing The Shield are shown. Bryan walks up to Brie after the match to greet her. Jo Jo and Eva tease her a bit. Jo Jo is then shown talking to Gabriel. Eva says she is worried because she doesn’t think Jo Jo is ready to be with someone yet. Jo Jo and Eva watch a Gabriel match backstage. Jo Jo and Eva mention they’re having a house warming party and that they will be inviting Justin.

Then, things head to NXT and the Bellas are training with the Funkadactyls. Nattie walks up and says she is drained because of working things out about the wedding. Nikki talks about throwing her a bachelorette party. They talk about it for a few moments. Nattie then talks about the guy from last week that expressed his feelings for her.

Brie says that him being at the wedding could cause a disaster. Trinity says what the hell are you doing? Then, Nikki shows Nattie her new move by demonstrating it on Trinity.

Stuff goes to Jo Jo and Eva’s apartment, before their party. Eva is shown cutting strawberries, teasing Jo Jo about Justin. Then, people begin arriving. Brie teases them about buying cheap wine. Nikki talks about Brie’s nickname that stems from the fact that when she gets intoxicated she gets crazy.

Justin Gabriel arrives and hugs Jo Jo. Nattie talks about how TJ is the only person she’s ever been with. Then, a montage of shots from the party is shown. Then, the Divas talk to Jo Jo about Justin. Ariane mentions she dated a 40 year old when she was 20. Jo Jo and Justin make out on a balcony. Eva says she is worried because Jo Jo is lovestruck.

Back from commercial and Justin and Jo Jo are going out to eat for a date. She orders a non alcoholic drink because she is 19. Justin talks about eating rabbit food. Jo Jo starts talking about her pet rabbit. Jo Jo says she thinks their date is going well.

Things then go to a store. John Cena and Nikki are looking for a gift for Nattie. She asks Cena if he knew that she’s only been with TJ. She asks Cena what he thinks. Nikki says she thinks it’s a beautiful thing. They start talking about how many men she has been with. Cena says hopefully it’s between 1 and 1000.

Next, Ariane is shown packing for Nattie’s bachelorette party. Her boyfriend talks about wanting to go. She says no because it’s only WWE people going. He says it’s messed up and it sucks. He says she could make time. Ariane gets frustrated. He leaves the room.

Stuff heads to Vegas. Nattie talks about how she is excited because even the guys came to hang out with TJ. The Bellas give Nattie a sash and necklace and they’re shown hanging out at the party. Then, everyone goes to the pool to hang out. Jon says Trinity is the hottest person there. Jon talks about liking dark meat…

Nattie is sitting with Nikki. Nattie talks about how her friend is texting her. Nikki says she shouldn’t be talking to him because the guy is flirting with her. Nikki says he put a smiley face and smiley faces mean bad news.

Back from commercial and stuff is back at the pool. Jo Jo sees Justin talking to two other girls by the pool. She is confident that Justin likes her.

Then, stuff heads back up to their hotel room. Nikki says it’s time to get loose. TJ makes a toast for Nattie and they kiss. Nikki says they’re about to go get ready for Chippendales so she kicks the guys out.

Then, all the Divas are shown in Chippendales. All the dudes dancing are shown. Nattie gets taken up on stage.

Then, everyone is back at their hotel. Everyone is shown drinking except for Jo Jo and Eva. They see Justin sitting with another girl.

Back from commercial and Eva and Jo Jo are leaving the hotel angry. Justin gets in a cab with another girl and leaves. Jo Jo gets super angry. She is shocked because she thought they had good chemistry. Eva says she needs to reevaluate what she really wants.

Then, the rest of the Divas are shown drinking in a club. Brie starts getting crazy from drinking a lot. She falls off of a bench and laughs.

Then, they all head back up to their hotel room. Nattie gets another text from her friend and she says she can’t keep that guy out of her head. Brie goes to talk one on one with Nattie in the room. Nattie says part of her is scared to totally seal the deal with TJ.

Back from commercial and Brie says she is super drunk. She talks about Daniel not liking her when she is drunk. Brie says she has to sneak into her room without waking him up. She locks herself out and Bryan has to wake up to let her in. Brie tries to handcuff in, but he makes her take it off.

Then, things are shown in the morning when Daniel and Brie wake up. She confesses that she was drunk and Daniel says you think I didn’t know that? He says they’re in Vegas for a bachelorette party and that she should do what she wants. He says he doesn’t feel bad for her and shakes her head. Brie says Daniel is the greatest guy in the world for not being made.

Next, it’s night time and everyone is eating. Nattie makes a toast to great friends. Jo Jo is confused because Justin came and sat next to her. They’re shown talking and he asks her what’s going on and she says he confuses her. Justin says he thinks she’s beautiful and talented but the age gap is too big. She gets upset and leaves because she doesn’t feel like his reasoning makes sense.

Back from commercial and Nikki is getting ready. Apparently she left a vibrator on the bed next to Brie and it accidently turns on. Brie says she needs to take a shower.

Then, Trinity is shown knocking on the door of Ariane’s hotel room. Ariane tells her that her boyfriend is coming. He then bangs on the door and Ariane lets her in. Ariane says she’s excited to see him but his energy is crazy.

Next, they’re all shown heading to dinner. It’s the last night there. Brie makes a toast to Nattie and TJ’s relationship. Brie says she adores them and thinks their relationship is beautiful. Then, an erotic cake is brought out for Nattie. Vincent starts being super annoying and Ariane says he is being an ass. He accidentally spills a drink on them.

Back from commercial and everyone goes to Ghost Bar. They’re all shown dancing and drinking. TJ and Nattie kiss. Then, Vincent is shown drinking a lot. Ariane thinks he has drank too much. She hopes he doesn’t get too crazy later. Ariane tries to get him to stop drinking and he refuses.

Nattie says Vincent is acting really strange. Vincent goes up to Jon and tells him he’ll back him up any day. Ariane tells Vincent he spilled a drink all over her. Trinity talks about how Vincent and Ariane are fighting. Ariane takes him up to their room because she doesn’t want to be embarrassed in front of the people she works with.

Then, Nattie says she is so glad everyone went on this trip. She says that even though there has been road bumps between her and TJ, they are strong and will tie the knot to end the show.