Wildkat Sports and Entertainment Recap/Review 3/18/17

Wildkat Sports and Entertainment



by Grant Fletcher
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and Sam Jericho
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What’s up, sports fans.  Grant Fletcher here again to spread the word on another exciting Wildkat Sports wrestling card!  Check the action below.

Jace Valor w/Mobile Home Mobsters def. ‘Money’ Mike Carradine via pinfall

The Mobile Home Mobsters (ft. ZZ of WWE Tough Enough Fame) were looking to make an impact in their debut, and did the ever succeed!

Valor set in like lightening on Carradine, but he was stopped in his tracks by an eye-poke.  ‘Money’ Mike looked punished Jace for his transgressions while looking for his first Wildkat win.  Carradine picked up Valor for a scoop slam, but Jace shifted his weight on top of Mike allowing him to fall backwards on his opponent for the 3 count!

Looking forward to seeing the Mobile Home Mobsters in action at the next Wildkat show!

‘Ruthless’ Ryan Davidson def. ‘The Situ-Asian’ Bu Ku Dao via countout

The Wildkat fans were shocked when Bu Ku didn’t emerge from the curtain at the sound of his theme music.  At that point Davidson demanded that the referee count out the former heavyweight champ.  After being declared the victor, Ryan Davidson stormed to the back and reemerged moments later with a beat down Dao alluding to the fact that he had attacked him prior to the match.

Davidson told the Wildkat fans that he wants to be taken seriously.

Something tells me that Bu Ku Dao will have something to say about this in the time leading up to the next show.

Scott Hall addressed the Wildkat faithful
Next the Wildkat fans were greeted by none other than Scott Hall!

‘The Bad Guy’ thanked the multitude of Wildkat fans for coming out to support the promotion.  He then praised Wildkat calling it, “… the best promotion in America.”

That’s a strong commendation coming from one of the greatest legends the wrestling world has ever seen.

‘Wildcard’ J Spade def. Socorro w/Hardbody Harper via pinfall

The House of Harper continued on their warpath, this time against one of the finest athletes I’ve ever seen compete live.

Socorro is no slouch himself and neither could seem to get a decisive edge.  The two battered and bashed each other in a clash of Wildkat titans!  Harper stepped into provide that assist, as you would expect, but this time his efforts were thwarted… by ‘The Mythian Warrior’ Anthony!

With the odds evened, Spade was able to deliver a Royal Flush spinebuster to Socorro for the pinfall victory!

‘Mythian Warrior’ Anthony def. Scott Phoenix via DQ

Our next contest would be a matchup of refined skill and raw power!  Anthony and Phoenix set in on each other with a bout worthy of a Wildkat audience.  Back and forth, our gladiators were evenly matched.  Shots, slams and holds were all answered in kind by each opponent.

Anthony got the edge and incredible top rope Frankensteiner, but before he could capitalize Hardbody Harper was on the apron to distract the referee.

Socorro appeared to take advantage of the commotion and nailed ‘The Mythian Warrior’ with a steel chair before the two of them fled the scene.  Being an honorable competitor Scott Phoenix admitted to the official that he had seen what went down and asked to be disqualified.

I’d love to see a fair rematch between these two!

The Handouts def. The Pump Patrol via pinfall
Finally we’d get to see these two teams go head to head after months of trash talking and fist fights outside of competition.  Edgrin Stone and Russell Radford versus Curt Matthews and Jared Wayne w/Johnny Flex on the outside.

The two teams went at it with a display of violence and power the likes of which had never been seen before in a Wildkat ring!

In the end, the unadulterated strength and ruthlessness of The Handouts was too much for Pump Patrol to overcome leading Jared Wayne to suffer a double chokeslam from their gargantuan enemies!

I hope this isn’t the end of this rivalry, but if it is damn what a ride!

Luke Hawx def. Johnny Flex via pinfall

I’d been pumped about this match since it was announced and it did not disappoint.  These guys stole the show!  Don’t left Flex’s size fool you.  If you look back to his match against Hardcore Holly you’ll see that he’s not afraid of any opponent and Luke Hawx was no different.

Despite the beating he took from Hawx, Flex managed to get his licks in.  A flying forearm here, some quick shots there.  He even nearly stole the victory with a schoolboy.

Hawx dealt a major blow by sending Johnny flex over the turnbuckle and onto his Pump Patrol teammates on the outside!

A top rope powerslam later and Luke Hawx was declared our winner!


‘Chalmation Sensation’ Danny Flamingo(c) def. ‘One Man’ Mike Dell for the Wildkat Revolution Championship

The defending Revolution Champion’s record against veterans isn’t great, but much to Mike Dell’s dismay he’s hitting his stride now!

Flamingo’s ego got him into trouble early on in this contest, but it wasn’t long before he found himself back on top.  The two took everything out of one another over one of Wildkat’s top prizes.  The One Move couldn’t even keep Danny Flamingo down for a three count.  ‘One Man’, perhaps going to the well one too many times, was caught on the top rope while looking for a Dellbow.  Flamingo wrapped him up for a DRS jawbreaker from the top rope!  There was no kicking out for the challenger.

Congrats to Danny Flamingo on another phenomenal title defense!


Stevie Richards(c) def. ‘Outlaw’ Matt Lancie via pinfall for the Wildkat Heavyweight Championship

The last time these two met was several years ago when Richards unsuccessfully challenged for Lancie’s Revolution title.  If the action from that meeting was any indicator of how this match would go then we were in for one hell of a main event!

Matt Lancie attacked with an animalistic fury.  Spurred on by his motivation to take back the title he never lost Lancie looked like he was trying to kill Richards in the ring.  

Stevie hit back hard.  Finding himself in control of the match the defending champ began to work the surgically repaired knee of the challenger.  It was a theme we’d see through the rest of the match.  Despite his weakened knee Lancie never stopped fighting.  Looking for a spear he charged headfirst across the ring at Richards… right into a Stevie Kick!  After a two count Lancie kicked out, but found himself locked in a figure four just a breath later.  Writhing in agony on the canvas, Matt Lancie refused to tap.  Instead he opted to pass out from the pain!  With his shoulders on the mat from the pinning position the referee counted to three and Richards walked away with the title while Lancie was being brought to.

That was one hell of a finish!  I’d love to see a rematch between these to.

Thanks for reading, everyone.  We’ll see you back here after the next one!

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