Wildkat Sports and Entertainment 5/6/2017 Recap/Review

Wildkat Sports & Entertainment

Recap/Review 5/6/2017

by Grant Fletcher

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What’s up, wrestling fans! I’m coming back at ya with another recap of a top notch wrestling card. This one was even more special to me as it was the first time I brought my daughter to a wrestling show, and what a card it was. Edward King did a great job of welcoming my family and me to the show as well as hosting the night’s hard-hitting action!

‘The Situ-Asian’ Bu Ku Dao def. ‘Chalmation Sensation’ Danny Flamingo(c) via DQ

Danny Flamingo retains the Wildkat Revolution Championship

Wildkat started off the show right with a championship match. Bu Ku Dao launched his assault first, looking to reclaim the title he never lost. An early submission attempt via the General Tso Mission had Flamingo reeling, and the challenger continued to lay into the champ following a rope break.


Bu Ku’s momentum came to a halt when the evil genius that is Danny Flamingo strung him up on the ropes. Flamingo rearranged Dao’s vertebrae with a sick spinebuster, but missed a Flamingbow ceding the upper hand to his opponent.


Before he could go in for the kill, Bu Ku Dao was attacked by an interfering ‘Ruthless’ Ryan Davidson. It seemed the former ROW TV champ wasn’t finished with Bu Ku from last time, and I’m willing to be that he’s not done after this second vicious attack.


I’m almost frightened to see what Davidson does next.

Bubba Boudreaux w/Herc ‘ZZ’ LaBouef & Jace Valor def. El Saiko Gato via pinfall

The Mobile Home Mobsters continue to make their mark on Wildkat as Bubba Boudreaux, who ‘ZZ’ said has, “… a 60” plasma fish tank,” and, “… an icebox full of turtles,” faced off against long-time roster member Saiko Gato.


Saiko Gato swiftly went on the attack, striking and flipping his opponent end-over-end. Getting in his shots Bubba couldn’t manage to build a head of steam. El Saiko Gato headed off Boudreaux at every pass until Bubba reversed a suplex, with uncanny agility for a man his size, into a crossbody for the pinfall.


It looks like the Mobile Home Mobsters aren’t going anywhere any time soon!

‘Smiley’ Kylie Rae def. Thunderkitty via pinfall

Thunderkitty was looking for redemption, coming off of a loss to Carmella on SmackDown Live. She set to work on Rae with her rough old school style and chain wrestling, but was quickly outpaced by the ROW Diamonds Champion.

A tight sleeper hold slapped on by Thunderkitty slowed Kylie’s pace, and nearly did Rae in. With the crowd behind her Kylie Rae broke free with incredibly energy, and cracked Thunderkitty’s jaw with a gnarly kick. Three seconds later and Kylie Rae was declared our victor!


These ladies killed it! I can’t wait to see both of them in the ring again.

Socorro and Kojak Sly w/Hardbody Harper def. Scott Phoenix and ‘Mythian Warrior’ Anthony via pinfall

Phoenix and Anthony were originally scheduled to face Socorro and his manager Hardbody Harper in a tag match. However, Harper limped out to the ring claiming that he wasn’t cleared to compete due to, “… an old football injury,” having flared up. He introduced his replacement and newest House of Harper member, the imposing Kojak Sly.

Kojak wasted no time in demonstrating his power against the veteran Anthony and bodybuilding champ Scott Phoenix.


Confident that his team’s victory was a sure thing, Socorro tagged in immediately getting lit up by both Anthony and Phoenix. Kojak took back over for his team and continued to steamroll his opponents until Anthony slipped a chokeslam attempt. Where their strength had failed Phoenix and Anthony decided to test their incredible agility against the monstrous Kojak. Kojak sly decided to give them a bone-shattering double suplex for their trouble.


A bit of misdirection led to Kojak kicking Socorro in the face, and the match broke down into all out chaos! While Socorro and Anthony tore each other apart on the outside Kojak Sly finished off Scott Phoenix in the ring picking up the pinfall for the House of Harper.


Just when you thought this rivalry was cooling off, Harper turns up the heat!

‘Ruthless’ Ryan Davidson def. ‘Money’ Mike Carradine via pinfall

Following intermission, Ryan Davidson continued on his path of destruction. ‘Money’ Mike tried his best to find a chink in the armor of Davidson, but had no luck in bringing down the giant.


After a series of devastating slams, stomps and shots Carradine was down for the count of three adding another name to the list of Davidson’s victims.


We’ll see where Ryan Davidson heads next on his months long rampage.

‘One Man’ Mike Dell def. ‘Hyperstreak’ Greg Sharpe via pinfall

Greg Sharpe continues to search for that Wildkat win, this time against former heavyweight champion Mike Dell. The lightning-fast ‘Hyperstreak’ dazzled the crowd with quickness and dexterity, but it was Dell who got in the first significant offense of the contest.


Sharpe turned the tables on Dell sending him through the ropes and to the floor. He soon was met by the mass of Greg Sharpe’s body crashing down on him from over the ropes! Back inside Sharpe tried to finish the job with a frog splash, but only got a two-count for his efforts.


Shifting the odds back in his favor, Mike Dell caught Greg Sharpe in a high risk situation for a top rope belly-to-belly suplex! All that was left for Dell to do was land a top rope Dellbow and claim the pinfall victory.


These guys really kept the energy of the show alive with this fast-paced dazzler!

‘Southern Stomper’ Luke Hawx versus ‘Outlaw’ Matt Lancie ends in a no contest

This is one that Wildkat fans had been clamoring to see since it was announced. Two former heavyweight champions going head-to-head in a clash of titans!


The two fought to a stalemate early on in a series of chain wrestling and arm drags, but it was clear that the veteran Hawx was wearing down ‘The Outlaw’. The animal that is Matt Lancie unleashed an attack meant to destroy Luke Hawx, but was stopped dead in his tracks by a powerslam from ‘The Stomper’. Hawx went high-risk looking to dive down on Lancie, but ended up getting speared in mid-air for his troubles!


Before he could capitalize on this, the match was stopped by Johnny Flex and Curt Matthews of Pump Patrol who attacked Luke Hawx! The two-on-one matchup did not make it easy on him. Out of nowhere Lancie came to the rescue with a sick spear to Flex and Branded (fireman’s carry cutter) to Matthews!


In a show of mutual respect Hawx and Lancie headed toward the back together. They’re exit was cut off by the emerging Wildkat Heavyweight Champion Stevie Richards. Richards brought up the challenge he had laid down to Luke for the upcoming Wildkat show in Philadelphia. He called Luke a, “… bitch,” for turning down his challenge and then proceeded to call Philly the greatest city in the world in front of the New Orleans fans. Stevie Richards slapped Luke across the face, leaving ‘The Stomper’ seeing red as he was restrained by Matt Lancie. After security refused the situation the show was back on.

The Handouts def. Pump Patrol via pinfall

That’s right. Immediately following their run-in and subsequent demolition Johnny Flex and Curt Matthews had to face off against the mammoth team of Edgrin Stone and Russ Radford.


Stone wasted no time in attempting to grind Pump Patrol into dust. After duping Edgrin Stone into taking the fight outside, Curt Matthews dastardly threw powder into the eyes of his assailant. With this shift in the tide Flex and Matthews began picking apart Stone.


A hot tag from Russ Radford was exactly what The Handouts needed to get back on track. The culmination of said tag was Edgrin Stone press slamming Johnny Flex onto a downed Curt Matthews. All that was left for The Handouts to do was double chokeslam Curt Matthews and score the pinfall!


I wonder how this will go next time when Pump Patrol is well rested and has Jared Wayne along for the ride.

Stevie Richards(c) def. ‘Wildcard’ J. Spade via pinfall to retain the Wildkat Heavyweight Championship

The champion, Richards, made his way to the ring to meet the challenger with a whole new attitude. It’s hard to say exactly what, if anything, triggered this change in outlook from Stevie Richards but he Wildkat fans were none too pleased with him following his earlier outburst.


Early on Stevie Richards was bested by J. Spade’s agility and speed, but Stevie wasted no time in showing off his own nimbleness in getting back the advantage. A burst of speed from Spade had the champ reeling. Richards then started an argument with the official and used the distraction to rock Spade’s jaw with a kick.


Taking the fight outside, the champion rammed the challengers ribs and back into the apron in a hellacious assault. Richards then took the opportunity to open up a chair and nail Spade with an atomic drop onto the steel seat!


Back inside Stevie Richards kept on the pressure as J. Spade desperately tried to regain his earlier momentum. An opportune crucifix followed by a crossface chicken wing had Richards in trouble, but the champion was able to slip out and sneak in a low blow allowing for a roll up and a rather underhanded victory.


Before Richards could celebrate he found himself the victim of an attack by a furious Luke Hawx. Before you could bat an eyelid the entire locker room had emptied in an attempt to pull the enraged Hawx off of Richards. Of course that didn’t stop J. Spade from flying across the ring to get his licks in as well! Clearly Spade isn’t done with Richards.

As Stevie Richards was being hauled away by members of the Wildkat roster Luke Hawx took to the mic. Hawx accepted his challenge for the Philadelphia show stating, “ECW died over fifteen years ago. Wildkat is here now!”


I can’t wait to see the outcome of that match! We here at Wrestlechat are looking forward to that Philly show!