What Happened After WWE RAW Went Off the Air? It’s Pretty Funny! (10/28/2013)

Thanks to WrestleChat reader Stacy Sherman for sending this in:

After RAW went off the air, Triple H got on the mic and told the crowd that The Big Show should be thankful that he left the arena because he was about to get his ass kicked.  Triple H then told the fans that the show was over and that they could all go home.  Meanwhile, as fans showered Triple H with boos, Stephanie McMahon got on the mic, but was booed even louder.  Triple H took the mic back and told the crowd that since nobody was listening to him and leaving that they were all now hired by the WWE before following it up with, “now you’re all fired, so get the hell out.”

Triple H’s music played and him and Stephanie went to the back as Justin Roberts informed the crowd that the show was over and thanked them for coming.

You can watch video of how it went down here: