Vince McMahon does not think John Morrison is a main eventer

Former WWE creative team member John Piermarini has started a blog ( in which he has released a ton of scoops regarding things that occured in the company during the two years he was employed. The blog has since been pulled (the Website does say it will be back soon) but we have managed to retain some of the things Piermarini said. Below is an excerpt regarding the mindset of Vince McMahon on Daniel Bryan and John Morrison:

“Vince’s philosophy on Daniel Bryan is he isn’t an ass kicker but he can beat you because he can capitalize on your mistakes. In this instance, it works. On the other hand Vince thinks John Morrison can’t kick anyone’s ass in a real fight therefore he can’t be a top babyface. Morrison has the chance to take the ball and run with it, but he is running uphill.”