VIDEO: JTG talks about meeting Vince McMahon, Triple H being difficult to work with and more

During an interview with Hannibal TV, former WWE Superstar JTG talked about why it was difficult to work with Triple H, meeting Vince McMahon for the first time, and Stephanie McMahon’s reaction to Cryme Tyme.

Meeting Vince McMahon for the first time:

When I finally met Vince, I wasn’t nervous for some reason. He made some promises. He was very excited to see us and was glad to have us on the roster. I could see it was very authentic that he was happy to have us on the roster. He saw the vignettes and our dark matches and he was very impressed with them.

Stephanie McMahon’s reaction to Cryme Tyme:

Stephanie loved Cryme Tyme. Vince loved Cryme Tyme, Stephanie loved Cryme Tyme, I enjoyed working with Stephanie because she was very hands on with our backstage segments.

Triple H being more difficult to work with than Vince McMahon:

Vince always has his door open. If you have an idea, suggestion, if you want to talk to him about something, his door is always open. If he’s busy he’ll just say ‘come back later.’ With Hunter it feels like, from my experience, he was avoiding me.

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