Top Ultimate Warrior Matches, Best of Sting , & a Bruno Sammartino Documentary DVD Under WWE Consideration?

WWE Marketing surveys are normally a pretty good indication of the type of DVD’s that they’re interested in releasing in the near future.  WWE sent out surveys late last week and many are getting them today.  Here is the list of potential DVD projects that the WWE is attempting to measure fan interest in:

* Paul Heyman documentary.

* Where Are They Now.

* Best of World Class match compilation hosted by Michael Hayes.

* Bruno Sammartino documentary.

* The Nexus compilation.

* Best of Sting matches.

* Best of Matches from around the world.

* OMG! Top 50 WCW Moments.

* Best of Ultimate Warrior Matches.

* John Cena match compilation.

* Best Wrestlemania matches.

* Best of Big Men starring Andre the Giant and Big John Studd.

* Best of WWE PPV Matches.

* Behind the Scene DVD with “dark matches” and “moments, including Vince McMahon doing Spinaroonies.”