TNA Star Takes a Verbal Jab at CM Punk Over Same-Sex Marriage Comments

Credit – TNAInsider

TNA Wrestler The Pope D’Angelo Dinero sounded off regarding WWE Star CM Punk’s recent same sex marriage rant and calls for a fan to commit suicide. Dinero wrote the following on his twitter account:

“So humored by the hypocrisy of those who wanna play GOD, or change what GOD intended,” wrote Dinero. “You wanna evolve? Seek GOD! Hows that for change?~PHS”

“While Pope don’t condone same sex marraige, I respect ones right to do as they please; NC protecting Truth??? 4 thumbs up!~PHS”

Dinero and Punk have a bit of history as recently Punk stated that Dinero as the worst wrestler he has ever faced during a recent interview.