The Blue Meanie & Dawn Marie Exchange Words on Twitter Over “Wrestler’s Rescue” & Jerry Lynn’s Back Surgery

When news first broke about a week ago about Kamala stating that we was never paid by Dawn Marie’s “Wrestlers Rescue”, much has taken place since then. One poignant moment came when The Blue Meanie took to Twitter to claim that Dawn Marie also offered money to Jerry Lynn to put towards his back surgery.

Since then, Marie has been stating that she could not help Lynn because people were not donating or purchasing any auctioned items because of a “smear campaign” that was taking place against Wrestler’s Rescue over the help that was supposedly never given to former referee Michael Porter. Meanie has stayed on the offensive; essentially pouring it on to try to find answers for his friend, Jerry Lynn.

Meanie and Dawn Marie finally exchanged comments this morning on Twitter. It started when Dawn tweeted:

“why dont you stop playing on everyones words and be a MAN and call me if you have a problem with me. Talked with Jerry. He is going 2 do an interview with Mike Johnson 2 tell the truth. Maybe U should call him again.”

Meanie replied:

“All I did was state an opinion and instead of explaining your side you and Mupo decided to get juvenile with kids stuff like saying I’m a nobody because I don’t have as man twitter followers. I’m as immature as the next guy but that was straight out daycare. I never had a problem with you but I had my reservation when people starting talking about you and how you were scamming people. I gave you benefit of the doubt. But when I experienced it first hand with my donations for Jerry never being used to raise money for him the red flags went up. I really didn’t want to donate but I did it for Jerry Lynn who is a guy I love and respect so this isn’t about being a man dawn. This about me feeling like I need a shower for being used. A lot of people donated just because it was Jerry Lynn. Nothing more. Nothing less. When Jerry Lynn told me he wasn’t paid by YOU, I lost respect for you. But shame ob me for taking you at your word that my contribution would go towards something and someone meaningful. You still going to use our contributuins towards something other than what it was intended for. You condemn michael porter for a #SmearCampaign but Vinny said on MY FB that he was the one who hurt Wrestlers Rescue. I’m just really, really dissapointed in the whole situation because I now have to think twice when someone asks me to help someone. So don’t call my manhood into question for saying when I see an injustice being perpetrated. I was man enough to say it in public what a lot of people have said privately. I talked to jerry at 8pm tonight.”

We are in the process of reaching out to Jerry Lynn to find out the truth here. If we are successful, we will post it.