The Rock Discusses In-Depth About His Private Life on CNN

Dwayne Johnson portrait shot by David Shankbone

Image by david_shankbone via Flickr

The Rock revealed to CNN’s Piers Morgan that he likes to keep his private life out of the spotlight and won’t reveal anything about his current Girlfriend:  “I can’t tell you that (his girlfriend’s name), I’ve got to keep it private. It’s important to me. Privacy’s important to me…

“The relationships I have, regardless of who it is – whether it’s my girlfriend, ex-wife, little girl, friends, whatever… it’s always been important to me to be private and live privately. How do I manage to achieve that? Easy… I live far out outside of Hollywood. I have a farm on the east coast I like to go to get away… Don’t go to restaurants you know paparazzi are going to be. I don’t go out.” said The Rock.

The Rock also revealed he would like to marry again in the future:  “I love relationships and again I honour the relationships I’m in today so sure, I’d be open to it (marriage).”