The Miz, Matt Striker, & Layla Set to Star in Next WWE Film

Matt Striker at a WWE SmackDown taping. i wire...

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According to iMDB listings, World Wrestling Entertainment superstars The Miz, Matt Striker and Layla are set to appear in an upcoming movie titled, Stainless Steel.

The film which has a 2012 release date, will see The Miz play the character of John Steel, who is hired from the CIA to bring down four members of a silent corrupt group within the FBI. The film is said to have an estimated $15m budget.

Matt Striker is set to play the role of a character named Bruce, with Layla playing the role of a character named Ruth.

10-time BAFTA winner, Dame Judi Dench, is also set to appear in the upcoming film as a character named Ms. Begley.

Summit Entertainment — who have had film hits such as The Twilight Saga, The Hurt Locker, Red, Step Up 3D and more — will head up the production on the new movie.