Seth Rollins — WWE’s Long Awaited A-Plus Player

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Seth Rollins — WWE’s Long Awaited A-Plus Player

Seth Rollins is evolving into the next face of the WWE right before our eyes. Long programs with excellent wrestling by Seth Rollins whose journey can be described as nothing less than incredible. He’s a former ROH Champion, former NXT Champion, and the current holder of a WWE Championship match contract. He was a member of one of the greatest young factions to run on Monday nights, The Shield. In a program with John Cena, Triple H w/ Stephanie, Paul Heyman and ‘BRROOOCK LESNAR!’,  Seth Rollins’ rise is exactly what every single guy in all professional wrestling locker rooms strive to become.

Rollins is the hybrid of sports entertainment and wrestler that the WWE loves. He also traveled the same path that our modern day cult classic wrestlers CM Punk and Daniel Bryan have. Punk got burned out paving most of the modern day path. Daniel Bryan came in and took the spirit of what Punk was doing and took it so far as to win the Main Event of Wrestlemania. DB made such a dent in the path paving that, in doing so, he sustained some career jeopardizing dents of his own, leaving the WWE playground to WWE’s newest Bad Guy, Seth Rollins.

Since turning on The Shield, Rollins has been nothing short of a star. Glossing through a program with his former Shield members that showed its spark of excellence in Rollins specifically. (I assume they are saving the all out showdown for the future.). Rollins got his hands and a win on Cena and now has gotten “personal” with Brock Lesnar. Rollins is the only young talent that they have put with Brock. No one has gotten the opportunity to come close to Brock that’s not Cena or Authority affiliated. Rollins is quietly evolving, entertaining, and succeeding.

In my opinion, the Royal Rumble would be an amazing time for Seth Rollins to come out Champion, hopefully leading to a fresh Wrestlemania Main Event vs a Daniel Bryan or Brock Lesnar or even Ambrose and Reigns. This is the very moment that the WWE can evolve their latest Star and let him pave the way for Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, Neville, Cesaro, Itami, Balor, or Solomon Crowe.

BUUUUUUT that’s just my opinion.

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