Report: Vince McMahon “hated” The Undertaker’s “American badass” gimmick

For those hoping for a return of the American Badass gimmick before the Undertaker retires, think again. According to former creative team member Andrew Goldstein, who was recently interviewed on the PWTorch Livecast, Vince hates the gimmick.

“When you have a meeting with Vince don’t bring up Undertaker when he was the American Badass because Vince hates that. Nobody tells you that thing, those picky things that Vince or Stephanie and Michael Hayes [don’t like]. There’s no guidebook. Reality was 100 percent different than I thought it was going to be.

“It’s so funny. I brought it up. I was just like, ‘Oh, I love the American Badass gimmick. I loved hearing Undertaker cut actual promos and come down on the motorcycle and come down with contemporary music and be sort of human.’ Bruce Prichard shot me a death look that said don’t ever bring that up in front of Vince because Vince is so protective of Undertaker’s character and mystique. And rightly so, its money. As Triple H has been saying, there’s equity in the mysterious mystique of Undertaker.”