Report: Sting Will Wrestle One More Match Before Retirement; WrestleMania 31 vs The Undertaker Maybe?

Credit – Wrestling Observer

If you’ve been one of those fans clamoring for an Undertaker vs Sting match at a WrestleMania, you just may be finally getting your wish.

Maybe.  Possibly.  The way the Sting/Undertaker rumors have been for years now, who knows actually.

With that said, the Wrestling Observer is reporting that Sting will indeed wrestle one final match before announcing his retirement.  That match is said to presumably be against The Undertaker at WrestleMania 31 in Santa Clara, California.

As far as when this match could be set up, the Observer says that the WWE could make a strong hint towards the match at WrestleMania XXX or, more likely, on RAW the night following Mania.