Report: Stephanie McMahon “Legitimately Angry” Following RAW Segment With The Rhodes Family

As seen on this past Monday’s RAW during the segment involving Stephanie McMahon, Triple H, and The Rhodes family, one spot during the promo that garnered quite the pop both in the arena and on social networking was when Dusty Rhodes cut Stephanie off with the ol’ “Talk to the Hand” routine.  The Wrestling Observer is reporting that this was completely unscripted and that Stephanie was legitimately angry backstage after the segment since she wasn’t expecting it.

One thing that’s well-known about Dusty is that all of his mic work is unscripted and that he’s trusted to go out there and cut an effective promo while hitting all of the necessary talking points.  In his first promo that ended up with him being KO’d by Big Show, the promo was highly-regarded backstage, but Stephanie was also said to be upset after that segment too when Dusty cut her off instead of letting her complete her line to get the intended reaction.