Report: Multiple TNA Stars Haven’t Received a Paycheck in Over Two Full Months

The reason why TNA decided to release several talents is attempt to help cut costs. Talents that were released, were being paid a monthly guarantee with an additional fee when they were booked for TNA events. The company felt that the talents were not being used regularly, so there was no need to keep them held under contract.

There has been a lot of cost-cutting talk within the company ever since the company decided to take Impact on the road, including the departures of different executives in TNA.

Several wrestlers have also been grumbling about pay coming in late, with one talent claiming he has heard stories of talents being two months behind according to PWInsider.  PWInsider also mentions that more stars are confirmed that pay is late, but have refused to say exactly how long.

PWTorch has confirmed this report by saying that they’ve heard that payroll in TNA is at least one full month behind.