Report: Jeff Jarrett Physically Assaults Ian Rotten’s 17-Year-Old Son After He’s Given Only Half-Pay For His Appearance

There is an important update to this story at the bottom of this post.

Sounds like Jeff Jarrett may have landed himself in hot water just days after announcing his brand new Global Force Wrestling promotion.

According to a report from Dr. Jerry Wiseman from, Jeff Jarrett physically assaulted John Calvin, the 17-year old son of IWA Mid-South promoter, Ian Rotten (real name, John Williams).  This allegedly took place after Jarrett was paid only half of the money he was promised for the appearance of he and his wife, Karen.  When Jarrett was told that they only had half of his show money on the night of the show and that the remaining balance would be issued in “2 to 3 days”, Jarrett threw a tantrum.  As Wiseman described:

“This allegedly sent Jarrett into a rage where is he alleged to have been screaming and cursing at many in the locker room and then directed his rage against the 17 year old son of Rotten, John Calvin. Sources say Jarrett either slapped John Calvin and knocked his glasses off or snatched them off his face during his rant and attempted to ‘hold them hostage to the point of breaking them,’ before calming down.”

The article also states that Rotten, who also claims that his locker room will back him up on the allegations, says that both Jeff and Karen Jarrett were intoxicated.  An anonymous talent appearing at the show also told Wiseman that Karen Jarrett repeatedly threatened to interrupt the show to expose Rotten.  The article states:

“One wrestler, who asked not to be identified, said Jarrett was ‘out of control’ at one point and that Karen Jarrett was almost egging him on by threatening to go to the ring while wrestler Drake Younger was doing an interview to interrupt and ‘expose’ Rotten.”

Ian Rotten has released a statement on his official Facebook page detailing exactly what went down at the show, including the revelation that he will be reporting Jarrett’s antics to police and swearing out a warrant.  He posted:

So, I will address the 500 lb elephant in the room in full.

Jeff Jarrett was paid half of his money tonight and was told he would get the rest of it in 2 or 3 days as through one way or another, or just plain stupidity, we forgot to get the advance money out of PayPal. I know it sounds incredibly stupid, but it occurred. Am I embarrassed about it? Yes, but a very intoxicated Jeff Jarretts actions to follow would be absolutely ridiculous and uncalled for. INCLUDING knocking the glasses off of John Calvins face, taking said glasses, and for a time period threatening to not give them back and break them. Screaming at numerous people in the dressing room that it was their fault, they were behind it like some paranoid coked out raging idiot. Not saying he WAS coked out, but I will say he was drunk, him and Karen both and I have a locker room full of people that will back me up on it.

Jeff Jarrett will get his money in a couple days as promised, then he can spend it on a defense attorney as I will be going to the sheriffs department to swear a warrant out on him tomorrow for assault on a minor. This was not some wrestling angle or anything of that nature, and he had no right to take it out on anyone else but me. Don’t get me wrong, I was wrong. We should have had that taken care of, but Jeffs actions after that along with Karen insisting on going out to the ring to interrupt Drakes speech was absolutely despicable. That is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.”

In a reply on this Facebook post, Rotten claims that Karen Jarrett also had an issue with another promotion the night before after she said that they weren’t selling her 8×10 photos.  He stated:

“Karen Jarrett was pissed at Dreamwave for THEM not putting out HER 8X10s and claiming that she lost like $1,500 because of it and telling the promoter he should pay that out of pocket. Oh, all claims were…. she was drunk as shit.”

Neither Jeff or Karen have responded to these allegations thus far.  We’ll post more information as we receive it.

Update 6:50PM EST: Ian Rotten has seemingly changed his tune on the next course of action in this story. In a new Facebook post, he says that the story is done and over with. He posted:

“Sh*t happens and life goes on, and so does the business of IWA Mid South wrestling. Though some unfortunate events took place last night, they are in the past, done, and over with and I will not be commenting on them in a public forum anymore.”

Unless I’m reading this completely wrong, it seems like this feud is over.