Report: CM Punk & Lita Are No Longer Together; Punk Now Dating AJ Lee

Remember that picture of CM Punk with AJ Lee at a Chicago Cubs game that sparked all kinds of rumors that Punk had moved on from his girlfriend, Lita, and was now dating AJ?

Well, this new bit of news won’t help that.

Former WCW & AAA star Konnan revealed on the most recent MLW Podcast that a friend of his who is an active performer in WWE has confirmed that CM Punk and Lita are indeed no longer an item and that Punk is now dating AJ Lee.  No word on how long ago Punk and Lita called it quits and/or how long Punk has been dating AJ, if what Konnan is saying is correct.

Konnan also says that Punk has a “big head” and is “conceited” backstage and that it’s rubbing many in WWE the wrong way.

You can listen to by clicking here and fast-forwarding to 20:45