Report: Bill Goldberg & WWE Negotiating on Agreement For a WrestleMania 30 Match & Hall of Fame Induction

Credit – Wrestling Observer

WWE and Bill Goldberg are now in talks, which adds to the list of the people who in the past it seemed they would never do business with. Goldberg, even more than Ultimate Warrior, had been someone in the past they had wanted no involvement with, but the policy now seems to be to mend fences with any former superstar to the public who had past bitterness. There has been talk of him doing next year’s WrestleMania.

I don’t know that it’s against Ryback, but I almost can’t imagine it wouldn’t be.Goldberg would be 47, but still trains hard and is in good shape and has been open to the idea of doing one big match because his son wasn’t born during his heyday and never saw him as a wrestling star.

Plus, there’s always a potential Hall of Fame since he has a name, even though in the past HHH buried the idea of Goldberg in the Hall of Fame saying he didn’t have enough longevity. But views change over time and HHH was tremendously conciliatory to Bruno Sammartino and tried to be with Warrior as well.