Reason Why WWE Did The Paul Heyman & Ryback Proposal Segment on Monday’s RAW Revealed

Despite what you thought of the segment on this past Monday’s RAW that teased Paul Heyman proposing to Ryback, it had nearly everybody talking.  It looks like this segment was exactly what Vince McMahon and the writing team had in mind while crafting the show.

The Wrestling Observer pointed out that Vince McMahon told the writing team that he wanted “a spectacle” for the opening of the 10PM time slot which coincides with halftime of the Monday Night Football game.  McMahon’s request ended up with one brave writer suggesting the segment that played out on our TV’s – a wedding proposal tease.

McMahon’s train of thought was that a shocking segment would cause people who flipped over to the show from the game would be so intrigued that they’d want to stay.  Unfortunately the quarter-hour breakdowns aren’t available yet to see if that goal was achieved.