“NWA Wildkat Sports & Entertainment” Leaving NWA; To Be Known as “Wildkat Pro Wrestling” (h/t @LukeHawx504)


WildKat Sports & Entertainment would like to formally announce that our September 21st event, “Quest for the Best”, will be our final event as a member territory of the National Wrestling Alliance. We would like to thank the NWA for their last 10 months of partnership; however, it is now time for us to forge our own path.

On September 22nd, the NWA WildKat promotion will officially drop the ‘NWA’ letters and will be known moving forward as ‘WildKat Pro Wrestling’. By any name, we shall continue to provide the high-quality action that fans of WildKat Sports & Entertainment have come to expect. The future is looking bright and we’ll see you on the 21st, as we crown our inaugural Heavyweight Champion!