Mick Foley on Possible HoF Broadcast Snub: “It Does Feel Like a Slap In the Face”

With rumors circulating that his Hall of Fame acceptance speech may not be included in next Tuesday’s USA Network broadcast, Mick Foley took to his official Facebook page Tuesday evening to speak his mind.

“SOMEONE NEEDS SOME CHEERING UP! Yeah, that someone is me. Looks like there is at least the possibility that my WWE HOF speech will not be aired on television – in favor of Donald Trump’s speech. hopefully, it’s just a rumor. If not, it does feel like a slap in the face, but, hey – it’s not my company and not my decision to make. I’ll just do the best I can, and try to find the guts, the pride and the testicular fortitude to deliver the best speech possible. I had some good stuff in my head a few days ago, but in light of that figurative slap to the Foley face, I may just get up there on stage and speak from the heart. Things just might get interesting!”

The hardcore legend also quipped, “I certainly didn’t get to the WWE Hall of Fame in Madison Square Garden (even if it may be a DVD extra) without plenty of help.”

Foley then mentioned some upcoming work he’ll be doing in regards to his one man comedy/spoken word stage shows and his involvement in a film entitled “I Am Santa Claus” among other things.

You can read Mick’s entry in full on his Facebook page HERE.