LIVE ECW “Extreme Reunion” Results (KEEP REFRESHING)

Thanks to WrestleChat’s own Benny Lopez for the following results.

The following are LIVE results from the ECW Extreme Reunion show in Philadelphia. KEEP REFRESHING!

Match 1 – The Dramatics defeated BLK OUT (BLK Jeez & Ruckus). Not sure who The Dramatics are, but they were masked guys with Puerto Rican flags on their ring gear.

Match 2 – Bu Ku Dao vs Marcos Cordova ended in a no contest when Luke Hawx invaded the ring and cut a promo calling out Shane Douglas. Hawn ended up in a scuffle with Cordova and then security chased Luke out of the ring.

Match 3 – FBI defeated the bWo when Luke Hawx interfered again, distracting bWo and leading to an FBI victory.

Match 4 – CW Anderson defeated Al Snow. After the match, Al Snow blamed ‘Head’ for his loss. Then he hit he with a piledriver, an elbow drop, and superplexed her off the top rope. Afterwards, he apologized to her.

Match 5 – Axl Rotten defeated Balls Mahoney

Segment – Angel from the Baldies is out cutting a promo.  The Gangstas come out to attack Angel.  Ruckus and BLK Jeez of BLK OUT come out and the two teams battled to the back.  The crowd wasn’t happy about this.

Match 6 – Pitbull #1 pins a member of Raven’s flock.  After the match, The Sandman makes the save and cane’s everyone, including a new member of Raven’s flock named Cripple H.

Match 7 – Jerry Lynn defeated Devon Storm in what was easily the best match of the night so far.
Match 8 – Shane Douglas defeated 2 Cold Scorpio.  Kevin Sullivan showed up as a masked man and attacked The Franchise.  Todd Gordon then showed up and cost Scorpio the match.  Fans littered the ring with trash.