John Cena Suffers Undisclosed Knee Injury on RAW; Up-Close Gruesome Pic of Injury Inside

John Cena has suffered some sort of knee injury earlier on tonight’s RAW.

During a segment with the Wyatt family, Erick Rowan grabbed Cena’s leg and held it in one position while the weigh of his body went in the opposite direction. Somehow Cena made it through the segment, even waving off the medical team, but he was in obvious pain.

Once they went to commercial, Cena was stretchered out of the ring.

Michael Cole noted on commentary that Cena is in the trainer’s room and has a ton of swelling in his knee.

Here’s an up-close picture of Cena’s knee taken by Twitter user @Sloc12 and @SpartanRice.  It appears that he dislocated his knee cap.  We’ll post more as we hear it.

Cena Knee

Update (9:45pm EST) – John Cena has been transported to a Green Bay hospital.  WWE posted the following Tout video showing Cena being loaded into an ambulance.

Update (9:53pm EST): Here’s early video of the injury.  You can see the injury happen within the first 20 seconds of the video:

Update (10:03pm EST): has released a statement on Cena’s injury and is saying that Cena is refusing treatment, which, of course, is their way of kayfabing it.  Here’s the statement:

John Cena’s knee was left battered and bruised after a vicious attack onRaw at the hands of all three members of The Wyatt Family. Following the brutal beatdown, the 14-time World Champion was taken to the locker room to be evaluated by WWE trainers.

At this time, WWE medical staff is unsure of the exact nature of the injury. After initial examination, they felt some instability and swelling in Cena’s knee, and recommended that the Cenation leader get an MRI. However, Cena is refusing further treatment at this time.

Please check back with for further updates on the status of John Cena. “

Update (11:34pm EST): On WWE Backstage Pass post-RAW show, WWE’s Chief Doctor said that John Cena has indeed been transported to a local hospital for a diagnosis.  He also said that Cena stated that he “felt his knee shift and totally give out.”  We’ll post more on this news as we hear it.