Is Steve Corino A Changed Man??? recently released the following:

Steve Corino finds himself in a transitional period right since Kevin Steen had to leave Ring of Honor. Corino acted as the friend, advisor and tag team partner of Steen throughout 2010, and was the man many felt was responsible for driving the wedge between Steen & El Generico. Corino more than lived up to his devious reputation throughout the year by aiding Steen in his violent battle with El Generico; using every tool at his disposal, from violent weapons to evil mind games, to rid ROH of the Generic Luchador. Corino’s ultimate goal seemed to be an attempt to take his protégé Kevin Steen to the top of ROH but in order to do that Corino & Steen felt that El Generico had to be eliminated.

Over the last couple months, as Steen became increasingly unstable, it became obvious that Corino was second guessing his choices. Steen went beyond any form of control that Corino had over him and that ultimately lead to Steen’s departure. Corino has stated that in hindsight he realizes that Kevin should have just forgot about Generico and worried about the ROH World title. Corino said that El Generico was not worth what happened and he feels remorse for instigating the situation because now Kevin is gone. Corino blames himself and only himself for the departure of Kevin Steen and this has eaten away at him ever since.

Coming into Richmond, VA last Friday night, no one was sure what version of Steve Corino would enter the Richmond Raceway, but absolutely no one expected “The King of Old School” to tell the world that it was time for him to enter “rehab”.

Corino gave a speech about the New Year and his future goals. Corino said the end result of the Kevin Steen story is something he doesn’t want to see happen to anybody else ever again, and, after all these years, he is attempting to change his ways.

Corino said he realizes that he became powerless over Steen during the last couple months and his life has become unmanageable because of Steen. After Final Battle Corino said that he searched and took a moral inventory of his life. Corino realized the exact nature of his wrong and has had an awakening as a result of Final Battle.

He stated that he does not get the respect in the locker room like people such as Christopher Daniels because people do not trust him. Corino said that he recognizes that his career over the years has been filled with cheating, manipulation, and debauchery. Corino said that outside of wrestling he is a good father and generous person but when around the wrestling industry he becomes a different person. Corino stated that he doesn’t want to see what happened to Steen happen to anyone else and as a show of amends has decided the most positive thing he can do is give back to the younger generation and teach them the right way to go about things. Corino hopes to take all the negative energy he has been filled with over the years and focus it in a positive way and give advice as a mentor and respect the sport by playing fair.

Nobody expected this sudden change in personality from Steve Corino. Corino has always been a master of manipulation and mind games so it is very hard to tell if this new attitude is sincere.

Even if Corino is sincere in his new year’s resolution, just like an alcoholic trying to put down the drink, it will most certainly be hard for Corino to quit his devious ways cold turkey. It almost seems to be in his nature to be a rule breaker, to push the limits of respectability, and to give into the violence. In both of Corino’s bouts in Richmond, VA and Charlotte, NC, Corino reflexively went for shady tricks and illegal moves but stopped himself mid-way through.

Corino will have to fight his in-ring illegal addictions and compulsions. It will not be easy as many expect Corino to go back to his evil ways very soon.

For Steve Corino, It will be one step at a time. We will have words from Corino in next week’s Video Wire, while ROH officials and fans alike anxiously wait to see if Corino can stay on the wagon.