Indy Stars Adam Cole & Sami Callihan Both Confirmed For WWE Tryouts This Month; Why Did WWE Sign El Generico?

Credit – PWInsider

As noted before, WWE has signed El Generico to a developmental deal. One of the main reasons they wanted him is because he speaks a number of different languages. The feeling is that will come in handy as an asset for international markets. Generico has canceled some indy events and will likely be headed to developmental soon. There’s a feeling among some within WWE that he will no longer wrestler under a mask but that’s not confirmed.

Generico’s signing is said to be part of a bigger plan as WWE has a number of indy stars on their radar that they want to lock into deals. Word is that this is a Triple H move and more signings are coming.

Two of those potential signings are Adam Cole and Sami Callihan. Both of them have tryouts with WWE scheduled between now and the end of January.

The success of guys like Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins in mainly CM Punk and Daniel Bryan has caused a different feeling within WWE when it comes to talent coming up through the indies, and also talent that doesn’t have the look, size and physique that used to be the first thing WWE looked for.

Rob Feinstein of RFVideo confirmed the tryouts as well, by posting this on his Facebook:

“Since a ton of people are asking me about it and it has been reported yes Adam Cole and Sami Callihan have WWE tryouts again this month with the WWE. Sami has already been looked at by the WWE and I expect he will be signed very soon as he is one of those guys that brings something different to the table. I have been praising Adam Coles work for the last year and they are going to be taking a look at him too down in Florida. I see the WWE signing both of these guys as from what I have been told Hunter has a vision for the company that involves wrestling again. There are a few other names in the hat from ROH that the WWE wants to look at like the Briscoes and another top indy name that the WWE is looking to resign as well. From talking to several people in the company they told me that the office is looking at a list of top talent on the indy scene to sign in 2013. I have been told that they also are showing interest in Samurai Del Sol.”