Huge Update on Jim Ross’ Retirement; Who Knew About it? Will He Go To TNA? Who’s Taking Over His Job?

Credit – F4WOnline

According to the most recent issue of the Wrestling Observer, there was signs and rumors of Jim Ross’ retirement a few days before it actually went down. The report mentions that on September 10th, the WWE selected an author to pen Ross’ autobiography and contacted him to inform him of their decision.

The Wrestling Observer goes on to say:

“One WWE source noted it was weird for WWE to even publicize his retirement anyway, since if you are a casual viewer of the product you never see Jim Ross anyway and would probably presume he’d retired.

It was also noted that WWE cutting him loose would never have happened even a few years back, and that it proves that Vince McMahon doesn’t care about TNA one iota. That fact was further proven at Night of Champions when two TNA stars ended up in polls and both (Hogan and Sting) ended up winning. One could also speculate that with both of their deals expiring soon, perhaps the idea is that WWE is figuring they’ll end up with them both before all is said and done.”

Regarding the job that Ross held with working with Developmental talent, it’s said that William Regal is the leading candidate to fill the position.