Former WWE Announcer Todd Grisham In Hot Water Over At ESPN

Former WWE Announcer Todd Grisham has landed in some hot water over at his new job with ESPN.

Todd Grisham

After Oklahoma lost to Texas Tech on Saturday night Grisham led into the broadcast with “It’s a Trail of  Tears in Oklahoma”.

Trail of Tears is a reference to the Indian Removal Act of 1830 in which Native Americans were forced to relocate to Oklahoma in one of the nation’s most shocking and embarrassing historical moments. And of course today, most of the Native American population are still in pain over the removal act.

Grisham tweeted an apology saying:

“Sincerely didn’t mean any harm with that comment after OU loss. I saw a shot of fans crying, historical reference didn’t even cross my mind. My Great Grandmother was a full blooded Cherokee. I am very proud of my Native-American roots.”

No word as of yet if ESPN has planned to punish Grisham for his reference to the Oklahoma loss.