Former ECW Star Blasts Paul Heyman For Bounced Checks, Not Telling Workers ECW Closed, & “Hypocrisy Incarnate”

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ECW star Danny Doring sat down with Justin Henry of this week to take part in the new, but popular, weekly interview segment, “Count of 10”.  The interview asks 10 questions that range from pro wrestling to some unique questions that the interview subject may not expect from just about any topic possible.

Thus far, all of these “Count of 10” interviews have been pretty laid back and fun, with some pretty interesting tidbits thrown in along the way.  This is the first interview that included some quotes that are rather newsworthy.  In this interview, Doring was asked about the animosity that he’s shown towards Paul Heyman over the years and if those bad feelings led to any awkward situations when he came back for the “One Night Stand” shows.  Doring told WrestleCrap:

“There’s this misconception of being being “bitter”, and blaming this man, for what happened to me. That’s pretty far from the truth. I do know for a fact he buried me every chance he got. I know he didn’t believe in me. I hear these from very reliable sources. My issues are many.

First, how can a man legally get away with bouncing as many checks as he did? Who knows. Second, he never called us to tell us it was over; he just took a job to save his ass, and didn’t care enough about anyone to man up and at least tell the truth. For him to preach ECW loyalty, and buried EVERYONE else for leaving for “greener pastures”, is hypocrisy incarnate.

I will never be able to prove it, and he’d never admit it, but we have reason to believe he hurt Chris Chetti’s chances to get hired in 2000. I also know for a fact that while Roadkill was in OVW, he had this huge speech where he praised Kill and (from what I heard from several people), said I had no idea how to sacrifice, and I had no heart, and that’s why I wasn’t under contract and Roadkill was. That’s was puzzling considering the night my mother died, I was supposed to be home. It was my first week off ring duty, but I filled in because the guys weren’t there. Subsequently, instead of being home, I traveled to Philly to get a early start, setting the building up for TV.

The night my mother died, I should’ve been home. I wasn’t. I was doing what needed to be done for ECW. I live with that everyday. Every f–king day. I never even took time off. I went right to work. So this man who lived with his parents while running a company, and being an “Evil Genius,” can now tell a group of hopefuls that I’m this and that and paint a false picture of me. After all the miles I drove for free, the bounced checks, the ring and TV and PPV set-ups? I don’t know sacrifice? Wow. That’s disrespect to me, and my family. I’ll leave it at that, because everything else I can say isn’t even THAT nice.”

Later on in the interview, Doring was asked how he looks back upon his ECW career.  After listing some of the good things about the company, Doring mentions some of the negative things and takes aim at the new popular reference of being a “Paul Heyman Guy”.  Doring quipped:

“The unfortunate thing is a lot of us were labeled as “ECW Hardcore wrestlers”, “Kool-Aid drinkers” or, God forbid, a “Heyman Guy” (which by the way is a worse term than the “N” word. OK, maybe not, but close).”

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