First Two 2013 WWE Royal Rumble Superstar Surprise Entrants Revealed

Much of the talk right now on the Internet is who will and who won’t be surprise entrants in this year’s WWE Royal Rumble.  with 23 names confirmed at the moment, that leaves us 7 surprises or unannounced Superstar entrants.  2 of those names have now been revealed.

According to a report in PWInsider’s Elite section, both Shelton Benjamin and Carlito will be surprise entrants in Sunday’s event.  Both will also be appearing in a battle royal event on Friday night in Scottsdale, AZ.

There are multiple former WWE stars confirmed for that show, including Chris Masters, Domino, The Honky Tonk Man, Shane Helms and more.

As of this time, there is no confirmation whether or not Carlito and Benjamin will stick around for more than just this appearance.