Fan Sitting Ringside at Tonight’s RAW Gives First-Hand Details on Jerry Lawler’s Collapse

Credit – PWInsider

As Monday Night Raw went off the air, Michael Cole announced they had received word that Lawler’s condition had “stabilized” and that they were told he was breathing on his own and that his heart was beating on its own.

Cole repeated that Cole was waiting to undergo a CT Scan on his head and chest and directed fans to the WWE website for additional updates.

One ringside fan emailed in to report that Lawler sounded as if he began snoring right before he collapsed. Prior to that, he communicated with a ringside employee, possibly to warn them something was wrong. EMTs were on the scene immediately, as were WWE medical personnel. They immediately ripped his shirt open and began administering medical assistance. A group of responders lifted Lawler to a stretcher, where he was rushed backstage and worked on before being transported via ambulance to a hospital.

As you can imagine, the entire roster was pretty shaken up by the situation.