EXCLUSIVE: “Wrestlers Rescue” Media Relations Member Telling Others That He’s Leaving The Charity Due to “Shady Practices”

Before I get into the new development that has come out regarding “Wrestler’s Rescue”, let’s recap a brief timeline of events.

  • It all started when James “Kamala” Harris came out and accused Dawn Marie’s “Wrestler’s Rescue” of soliciting donations on his behalf and then never paying him.  You can see that video HERE.
  • Dawn Marie comments that Kamala was indeed sent a check, but that he “opted not to accept” it because it “took too long for him to receive it.
  • Dawn Marie’s agent, Michele Mupo, provides their proof in defense of Wrestlers Rescue by providing a copy of the check mailed to Kamala, a copy of the envelope showing the postage date, and a letter from the bank showing that they issued a stop payment request on Kamala’s check.  You can see those things HERE.
  • Dawn Marie releases a two-part video in defense of Wrestler’s Rescue and explains past claims against the organization such as those with “Dr. Death” Steve Williams and Jerry Lynn.
  • Kamala claims Dawn Marie did send him a check, but that when he went to cash it, it was declined due to “insufficient funds.”  You can see his statement HERE.
  • Dawn Marie posts a bank statement saying that Kamala is lying about the “insufficient funds” and that there was actually money in the account.  You can see the bank statement HERE.

So things have been pretty quiet on everything since the middle of last week when all of that stuff happened.  That changed today when it was revealed that Vincent DiBenedetto, who is listed on Wrestler Rescue’s website as a member of the Wrestler’s Rescue Media relations team, has been sending secret e-mails without the knowledge of Dawn Marie or Mupo in which he claims that he does not support Wrestlers Rescue any longer and is stepping away from the organization to “cover his ass” in case any immoral practices are uncovered.

Since sending this e-mail, DiBenedetto has continued to defend Wrestlers Rescue publicly on social networking.  Behind-the-scenes, however, he has been telling multiple people in the industry of his intentions to step away from the charity.  He has also been informing people that him and his fiance have pulled their own $302 donation back from Wrestlers Rescue and were going to send it to Kamala directly.  At this point, we do not know if he actually sent it to Kamala or not.

Below is a copy of an e-mail that we received that DiBenedetto sent to a wrestling personality.  Here is the screenshot:

A tweet was sent out by us to both Dawn Marie and Michele Mupo to give them an opportunity to provide comment on this story prior to it being posted.  Thus far, neither have responded.  A phone call was also placed directly to Mupo as well, but she did not answer.
We’ll post more information as we receive it.