EXCLUSIVE: Update on Terry “Sabu” Brunk’s Health as of 10:14am Today; No CPR Needed, Stomach Lavage Performed


If you did not see our EXCLUSIVE report on Sabu’s condition last night, please CLICK HERE to check it out.  There’s a ton of misinformation being spread around the Internet, but we have been the only new source with accurate information on Sabu’s condition thus far.  Our exclusive report has since been confirmed by Sabu’s management, fan club, and multiple former ECW stars. Stick with us for all updates.

Here is the latest status update on Sabu as of 10:14am EST this morning.

Terry Brunk, AKA Sabu, remains in critical condition at Aria Frankford Hospital in Philadelphia after being transported there yesterday after an apparent overdose.  While testing is still being done, it still appears that the cause of Sabu’s apparent condition is a volatile mixture of alcohol and some sort of medication.

An Advanced Life Support Unit out of Bensalem, PA worked on Brunk for nearly 25 minutes at the hotel prior to transport.  We have been told that CPR was NOT needed, but that Brunk was intubated.  While he was unresponsive, Brunk did have a weak pulse and was barely breathing on his own.

Intubation is quite common for overdose patients and for those who are unresponsive or unconscious during transport.  Intubation is simply inserting a tube into the trachea to create an airway which will allow for the use of a ventilator.

Upon arrival at Aria Frankford Hospital, Brunk was immediately placed in ICU.  He did have a stomach lavage (better known as having your stomach pumped) performed an hour after arriving.  Brunk will now be monitored in ICU for at least 24 hours.  He could be (and probably will be) monitored even longer.  The reason this is done is to ensure that there are no drastic side effects to the toxins that have already been absorbed into the bloodstream prior to being pumped out.

The contents of the substance pumped from Brunk’s body have already been sent to the lab for testing.

As of 10:14am this morning, Brunk remains in critical condition.  His pulse and blood pressure have improved, however he is still using a ventilator to aid in breathing.  He remains unresponsive for the most part even though his vital signs have improved.  It should be noted that this behavior is normal in overdose patients.

We send our thoughts and prayers out to Brunk and his family.  The entire WrestleChat.net team prays that he pulls through this and makes a complete recovery.

We will continue to keep you updated as we receive word.