Dawn Marie’s Agent Says Kamala “Lied” & Returned His Check From Wrestlers Rescue “Because It Wasn’t Sent Fast Enough”

Dawn Marie’s agent, Michele Mupo, has taken to her Twitter account to address the reports that “Wrestlers Rescue” accepted donations on behalf of Kamala but never paid them out to him.  Mupo tweeted:

“Kamala returned check issued by Wrestlers Rescue Certified because it wasn’t sent fast enough . Dawn Marie did what she said she would.  Check for $500 was sent July 20,2012 . Kamala refused it sent it back certified mail. HE LIED to get $$$$ never judge unless U have proof.   I think the video was to get U to feel sorry for him. Its SAD to see Kamala lied on tape saying he never received anything.”

Mupo tweeted a picture of the alleged check sent to Kamala on 7/20/2012:

Mupo claims that Dawn also tried to set up Kamala in a program to learn a trade that would allow him to continue learning income.  She also tweeted the following picture which is alledgedly proof that Kamala sent the check back via certified mail:


She also gave us proof that Dawn had to submit a “Stop Payment Request” with the bank for the payment:

At this point, we’re not sure exactly who is telling the truth.  Kamala’s video, which was posted on YouTube on July 31, claims that “Wrestlers Rescue” never sent him anything.  So, clearly, one of the two sides isn’t being completely accurate at the moment.  In the video, Kamala claims that “Wrestler’s Rescue” and Millennium Wrestling Federation both used his name to solicit donations, but never paid him.  MWF has since posted a statement and a picture of the money order sent to Kamala to dispute those claims.

Kamala has since set up a PayPal account in which people can donate to him directly.

This is not the first time that Wrestler’s Rescue has been under heat.  Reportedly, they’ve also offered to help Jerry Lynn pay for back surgery even though he never received any help at all.