David Otunga Discusses His Role in “The Call”, Balancing His Hectic Schedule, & the Perfect Bowtie

Spike Eskin of CBSPhillySports.com and 94.1WIP had the opportunity to sit down with David Otunga today to discuss his involvement in the upcoming film “The Call”.  They also took the time to discuss balancing the grueling WWE schedule with working as a lawyer, and how exactly he perfected the art of tying a bowtie.

You can read the entire article as well as listen to audio of the entire interview HERE.

Here is a small excerpt from the interview in which Otunga breaks down exactly how he handles all of the various responsibilities that he has:

“Man, it is tough. There just aren’t enough hours in the day.  Already with WWE our schedule is demanding, we get like two days off a week. And even still, the whole time I’ve been in WWE I made sure that I would attend acting classes once a week, on my day off. So I’d get home, see the family, and finish laundry, all different stuff I had to do, but I still make sure I had time to go to acting class. So it’s just a matter of making sure you have your priorities in order, and time management is super important.”

Once again, you can read more from this interview as well as listen to the roughly eight minute clip on CBSPhilly.com.

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