Brock Lesnar To Be Announced as a Playable Character For “WWE ’12” Video Game This Week

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Credit – PWInsider

Former WWE and UFC champion Brock Lesnar will be announced as a “Legend” for the WWE ’12 videogame this week by THQ.

As we noted several months back in the PWInsider Elite section, UFC approved Lesnar’s inclusion in the game, as long as he was presented as Lesnar the wrestler and not Lesnar the MMA fighter.

The belief among those we spoke to when we first broke the news was that Paul Heyman, who’s Looking for Larry Productions works closely with THQ, was involved in packaging the deal to bring Lesnar over to his first WWE-related licensing since he departed the company in 2004.

There are no plans for Lesnar to appear at any WWE events to promote his inclusion in the game.