Brian Heffron (The Blue Meanie) Comments on Wrestlers Rescue’s Alleged Proof of Payment to Kamala

English: blue meanie in seasie.

Former ECW Star Brian Heffron, AKA The Blue Meanie, retweeted our story that showed the alleged proof from Dawn Marie’s agent, Michele Mupo, on behalf of Wrestlers Rescue that money was indeed sent to Kamala but rejected.  As we reported this morning, Heffron spoke out against Wrestlers Rescue and mentioned that they were supposed to help pay some money towards Jerry Lynn’s back surgery but never did so.

When he retweeted the story, he tweeted “Wrestlers Rescue’s explanation leaves more questions than answers” along with the link.  He then tweeted the following in consecutive tweets:

“To ME the handwriting on Kamala’s check looks like his “handwriting” on the “return envelope”.  If he sent it back while put a stop payment on it? Rip it up! Stop payment’s on checks cost at least $35.  Why spend $35 that to stop a check in that’s in your hand?” 

“My friend and tag partner Nova, who RUNS a bank just told me this: ‘As someone who RUNS BANKS I can say I’ve never seen a voided check like that after a stop is issued , the check is dead and can’t be reversed. None of this makes sense. The guy with no legs turns away money because IT DIDNT GET THERE QUICK ENOUGH? I have an easier time believing that me and meanie are gonna get our ECW PPV checks soon!'”

He also retweeted a few messages from @BoSoxFan73 of the proof put forth by Mupo:

“If the post office could not get him to sign for the certified letter after 3 attempts, USPS would have returned it to sender.  Also, she did not obscure Kamala’s address on the envelope. She’s so worried about her privacy but NOT his?  When a customer signs for a package/certified letter, the USPS keeps the orange delivery slip, NOT the customer.  Looking at the orange delivery slip & envelope, that only shows something was mailed to Kamala, NOT that he returned it.  I need to correct an error, the slip is for a letter from Kamala to Dawn Marie not vice versa.  However, I still stand by my earlier statement that USPS would keep the delivery slip after the letter was signed for.”