Brock Lesnar Appears at UFC 146; “Strongly Considering” a Return to MMA

I don’t know if this is really shocking or not, but it definitely came out of nowhere.

Brock Lesnar is strongly considering a return to the UFC. Brock appeared at tonight’s UFC 146 event right before the Junior dos Santos vs. Frank Mir main event.

This caught many off guard as Brock didn’t even enter the arena until right before the big match and he was even acknowledged on the telecast. Whispers immediately started all over the web as to why Brock was in attendance since it’s well-known that he doesn’t leave home unless the trip involved lots of dollar signs.

The reason for his appearance was cleared up at the UFC 146 post-show press conference in which Dana White admitted that Brock Lesnar is “seriously considering” a UFC return. When asked if there was anything more to Brock being in attendance tonight, Dana responded with a simply “yeah”.

Either way, this is big news for the UFC as Brock Lesnar was easily their biggest draw in the history of the company. With their buyrates floundering, Brock will be welcomed back with open arms whether he can take a punch or not.

Bryan Alvarez of is reporting that Dana White first contact Lesnar last week about coming to the show but wanted it to be “kept a secret.” Dana has confirmed that he will speak with Brock tonight regarding future plans.

As far as speculation, fans have clamored at the thought of a Brock Lesnar vs Frank Mir III. Lesnar destroyed Mir in both bouts, but Mir caught the inexperienced Lesnar in a heel hook during their first fight to secure the win. The second matchup was nothing but Lesnar mauling Mir to pieces. A finale to the Lesnar/Mir trilogy would be a huge success for the UFC.

As of right now, we have ZERO information regarding what this means for the WWE contract that Brock signed on WrestleMania Sunday. In that deal, Brock is slated to make $5-million dollars for between 30 and 40 appearances. Brock has already appeared at multiple RAW episodes and 1 pay-per-view, but hasn’t increased TV ratings at all. On “Extreme Rules”, the lone pay-per-view he’s appeared on, the WWE saw a modest increase of 35,000 buys over the same event last year.

We’ll have more details as we receive them.