Batista & Cesar Gracie Opening Up an MMA Training Facility in Florida

Dave Bautista at Smackdown!, in Cincinnati, Oh...

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Credit – PWTorch

Former WWE wrestler Dave Bautista is opening an MMA training facility in Tampa, Fla., according to a report by TMZ.

TMZ reports the gym is currently only open to “close martial artist friends,” but Bautista and his partners plan to open the gym to the public next week.

The gym is called Gracie Fighter Jiu Jitsu and Bautista is reportedly partnering with famed MMA trainer Cesar Gracie.

Bautista hooked up with Gracie in California’s Bay Area last year when he was pursuing an MMA career after leaving WWE in May 2010.

Bautista claimed to have an MMA fight deal with Strikeforce, but talks were cut off after Strikeforce was bought out by UFC earlier this year.