Austin Aries Discusses Incorporating His Vegan Lifestyle With Being a Pro Wrestler


Austin Aries recently sat down with the Miami New Times to discuss the challenges of being a vegan pro wrestler and how he’s learned to adapt over the years.  You can read the entire interview by clicking here.  Here are a few excerpts:

On the challenge of maintaining a vegan diet while on the road:

“Well, it’s been a process of figuring out what and where to buy the foods I eat. Compared to places like LA or NY there definitely aren’t as many options, but if you seek them out there are some. I mostly cook at home and am lucky to have Nature’s Food Patch down the street from me. It’s like a small Whole Foods, which are also in the area. I do almost all my food shopping there. As for the road, I always come prepared with protein powder and pre-cooked packets of lentils. I also use as a resource to find veggie/vegan/natural food places wherever I am traveling.”

On the common thought process that it’s tough to build muscle without eating meat:

“Do some research, don’t be afraid to challenge “conventional wisdom.” Understand where all the messages we believe to be true come from, and then realize there’s always another side to that coin. Protein comes from all types of sources, and eating enough and a variety of plant based food, including nuts, seeds, legumes, and veggie protein powders made of rice, pea, and hemp can provide more than enough quality protein.”

Once again, you can read the interview in full by clicking here.