Article compares Vince McMahon and President Donald Trump; Triple H praises Vince

Following ESPN’s recent “30 For 30: This Was The XFL” special, Thom Loverro wrote an opinion piece for The Washington Times on how Vince McMahon changed sports and more. You can check out the full piece at this link. Sam Ford, a research affiliate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s comparative media studies program, commented on how he sees similarities in President Donald Trump’s political rise and the McMahons’ construction of a worldwide wrestling empire. He said:

“They’re both involved in sort of modern-day myth-making of themselves. You think of how Trump refers to himself and his empire, and the fact that WrestleMania was referring to itself as the meeting place of the gods, the immortals you can see that type of impresario, P.T. Barnum-like, carnival barker mentality in how both of these worlds were created.”

As seen below, Triple H responded to the article with praise for his father-in-law, the WWE Chairman. Stephanie McMahon also re-tweeted the article. Triple H commented:

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